BEAST releases MV for “Midnight”


The long wait for B2uties is almost over. With BEAST’s comeback stage scheduled for the 22nd of July, 1 week before their comeback CUBE released a MV theme for one of the songs on BEAST’s coming 5th Mini-Album. At 2pm KST on the 15th the MV for “Midnight” was released on BEAST’s official Youtube Channel as well as the fan cafe. Before this however, the audio was already made available to fans at midnight, just 14 hours before the MV release.

The song achieved an all kill on various music charts even before the MV was released and this shows the popularity BEAST has gained since debuting in 2009.

After a hiatus of around 1 year and 2 months, many fans were eager to watch the Music Video and it sure didn’t disappoint.

Check out the MV below:




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