BEAST Releases ‘Midnight Sun’ 5th Mini Album

After a year and two months since their last domestic comeback with the hit ‘Fiction’, which won song of the year, BEAST are making their return with their 5th mini album ‘Midnight Sun’! Listen to the tracks below:

1. Midnight (The Night I Count The Stars)

2. 아름다운 밤이야 (It’s a Beautiful Night)

3. 내가 아니야 (It’s Not Me)

4. 니가 보고 싶어지면 (When I Miss You)

5. 니가 쉬는 날 (The Day You Rest)

6. Dream Girl


The concept of BEAST’s comeback sees the boys in a 180 degree change since last year, much brighter and colorful than their ‘Fiction’ concept. The mini album will contain several flavours, ranging from ‘It’s a Beautiful Night”s electro synth-pop to the ballads we know BEAST are capable of.

The comeback will also see member Yoseob not only with his usual outstanding vocals, but will also be performing a solo dance for  their track ‘Not Me’.

The music video for ‘It’s a Beautiful Night’ has yet to be released.



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