BEAST Live Up To Their Name With A Disney Collaboration

BEAST and their fans, B2UTIES, will be officially living up to their names with a special Diamond Edition release of one of Disney’s classics, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in Korea.

A Disney representative commented, “We heard about a group named BEAST when we were visiting England at the end of last year. They were holding a concert in the area where we were touring. Later when we had learned that they were a popular group from Korea, we were inspired to have them remake the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ song since we were planning the release of the diamon edition.” He added with an excited smile, “It first started out as a joke since they were called BEAST, but now we are very excited to share this wonderful track with everyone.”


In addition to the news of the release of the Diamond Edition, Disney confirmed that there would be two versions of the song ‘Beauty and the Beast’. One version will be the original version which will be playing in the movie itself, and the other will be a special version of the song titled ‘B2UTY and the B2ST’ which expresses BEAST’s thankful hearts towards their fandom, B2UTIES. The special version features lyrics written by the BEAST members themselves, and even rapper Junhyung’s skills as he helped to remix the track.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is one of Disney’s most famous tracks, and has previously been remade and remixed many times already, but this will be the very first time to be done so by a Korean artist. BEAST’s leader Doojoon also stated, “At first we were so shocked by the proposal that we thought everything was a prank someone was playing on us. It really didn’t hit us until we were actually recording the song in the studio.” Main vocal Yoseob went on to add, “We also added a BEAST feel into the classic track when we recorded the version for B2UTIES, so I hope everyone will look at it nicely and show a lot of love.”

Preorders had already opened on the main website and Disney had commented they had never seen so many orders in such a short time. The diamond edition of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will be released in Korea on April 6th, with the two special tracks included in the three disc edition.



Source: Newsen

Translation: Yongism@B2STRising


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