BEAST Chosen As Latest Models For ‘bodyART’ In Korea

Amongst all other idol groups, BEAST has been chosen to represent Germany based health company, ‘bodyART’, established by Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Le in 1999.

‘bodyART’ combines several styles of training as well as classic breathing techniques to “create a synergy of physical training with mental relaxation.” It has been proved that ‘bodyART’ training helps to improve posture, stamina, respiration, sense of body feeling, strength, and relaxation.

BEAST, who are known for consistently working out and taking care of their health, have succeeded in creating toner, leaner physiques through ‘bodyART’.

A representative stated, “BEAST’s world tour covering 14 countries and 21 cities is in full swing, but the boys are glad that they are able to take care of themselves and get a work out through ‘bodyART’ even in the midst of their busy schedule.”

BEAST are definitely ideal models for the company with their amazing physiques.


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