BEAST & BTOB Show Support For SAT Examinees

Around this time of the year, students all over the world are making preparations to study at university, including taking entrance examinations, such as the SAT. BEAST and BTOB have shared messages in support of such students! Are you taking any exams soon?

BTOB SAT Message



In both messages, the boys reminisce about their own experiences of the exam, BTOB’s Eunkwang having taken the exam twice! Tips are also given, such as answering questions even if you may not know the answer, avoiding mental breakdowns, and having faith in your answers.

Whilst BTOB offer their adorable puppy expressions to fill examinees with strength, BEAST’s Yoseob scalds viewers telling them to quickly go study! Examinees have the support of BTOB and BEAST, and also wishes the best for anyone taking exams soon!




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