BabySoul reveals MV for “No Better than Strangers” ft. Wheesung


Woollim Entertainment’s Baby Soul has finally revealed her debut Music Video for “No Better Than Strangers”

For her debut song, she is joined by Wheesung, creating a song which shows off their vocal talent. She is from the same entertainment as Infinite, so lots of Inspirits are expecting quite a lot from her. In this song you can hear a clear piano melody and a really good beat which gives the song an extra something. A lot of fans are quite confused about what the MV is about, however the song is still enjoyed by a lot of people. Also questions are coming up about the promotions about this song because Wheesung is in the army so many people are thinking if one of the Infinite Boys are going to sing with her. If it was your pick what member would you choose???

You can watch the video below…Enjoy:

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