B2ST Fans’ Charitable Work

B2UTY’s, members of the B2ST fan club, all united to personally knit 245 wool hats and make 400 jeogiris (traditional Korean jackets), all of which went towards good causes.

[ad#GA-468-img-LM] A representative from World Vision announced that the members of one of B2ST’s fan pages had donated the 245 wool hats and 200 of the jeogiris to children in Zambia. In 2009, B2ST leader Yoon Doojoon made a visit to Zambia and Mumbai along with World Vision to volunteer and care for the children there. His kind efforts were then continued by the fans through the donation of the hats and the jeogiris.

[ad#GA-468-tx-LM] The remaining ¬†jeogiris were donated to a orphanage in Seoul that looked after newborns along with an accompanying letter, in which fans wrote “We know it’s good to donate money, but we wanted to create a gift that had our warm hearts melted into it, which is how we came up with this project. We hope that more people will take an interest in volunteering and charity work after this project.”

The project, which had begun in November, brought B2UTYs together, showing the kindness and generosity in their hearts, also demonstrating what great things music can bring about.



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