B2ST’s Gi Kwang sprains ankle

B2ST’s Gi Kwang has sprained his ankle and had to wear a half cast on his ankle as a result.

Gi Kwang’s agency, Cube Entertainment has issued a statement, “Gi Kwang hurt his ankle while playing soccer during his break time at the shooting of Me Too Flower.”

Gi Kwang’s agency have said that even with his ankle injury he is still focusing on filming MBC TV’s drama series Me Too, Flower.

B2ST is still taking part in the United Cube Concert in Brazil on December 13, although how he will be performing is in question.

Gi Kwang’s agency says, “He is attending the concert, but we will be able to find out if he can take off the cast and perform on the stage on the very day of the concert because he needs to take care of his ankle first. In case his ankle doesn’t get better, we are considering other ways to have him perform on the stage maybe like performing in a chair.”

Gi Kwang is in the drama series Me Too, Flower as the role of Jo Ma Roo and performing with Lee Ji Ah and Yoon Si Yoon.

Source: TV Report
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