B2ST’s Gi Kwang is touched by his surprise birthday party

B2ST’s Gi Kwang was touched by his surprise birthday party prepared by his fans.

Gi Kwang was moved to tears by the surprise birthday gift from his fans at 2012 B2ST World Tour Beautiful Show in Taiwan, which took place at the National University Gymnasium in Taiwan on March 31 at 7:00 p.m.

In the middle of the concert, B2ST fans played a video they personally made. As the video included several pictures of B2ST members and their activities, all B2ST members, including Gi Kwang, were moved by it.

In addition to this, the fans cried out, “Go! B2ST,” holding placards that read “I Love B2ST.” Moved by the fans’ enthusiasm and love, B2ST said, “We’ll do our best to be a better group!”

Gi Kwang says, “I didn’t expect the birthday party at all because my birthday was March 30. I was really moved by the video prepared by the fans. I could feel that they really love us. All B2ST members were moved by the surprise birthday party.”

Successfully finishing their concerts in Taiwan on March 31 and April 1, B2ST will now focus on the next concert in Thailand, scheduled to be held in May.

Source: en.korea

Meanwhile, Today is Gikwang’s 3rd anniversary since debuting as AJ so don’t forget to pop over to twitter and tweet happy 3 years – @b2stgk

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