B.A.P will being unveiling members from January 16

TS Entertainment’s , B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect), will be officially unveiled in 2 weeks. Both fans and onlookers are excited to see the teasers and member profiles to be released in two weeks.

TS Entertainment have said that B.A.P are due to release their debut single on January 26. Before that official member profiles will be release over a two day spread.

Zelo and Daehyun will be the first member profiles to be released on January 16, followed by Himchan and Yongjae, and finally Bang Yongguk and Jongeop will be released on January 18.

Only three members of the new group have officially been revealed. A short teaser during the end of year awards showed each members faces hidden behind masks.

Zelo and Bang Yongguk combined to form a sub-unit and released the song “Never give Up”. Bang previously also released his own solo single “I Remember”, while band mate Himchan became MC for MTV’s “The Show”.

SBS-MTV began airing B.A.P’s reality show “Tadah It’s B.A.P”, which follows the group members on their daily schedules, giving fans an insight into the group before their debut.



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