B.A.P to do Showcase Tour of Asia at the Request of Fans

B.A.P are scheduled to tour Asia only five months after their debut.

TS Entertainment announced on June 11, “B.A.P will soon make a showcase tour in Asia.”

B.A.P will start the showcase at Cotai Arena in Macao on July 2, and the they are scheduled to move onto Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Several fans requested that B.A.P hold a showcase tour after their popularity at Jangchung Gymnasium showcase in January and the Singapore fan meeting.

A B.A.P spokesperson said, “Including Asian countries, we’re continuously receiving calls from the countries in North and South America and Europe. As this year’s B.A.P’s first year to enter the overseas market, we will focus on Korea and Asian countries first.”

Source: TV Report


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