B.A.P. releases ‘One Shot’ Music Video!

B.A.P. - One Shot


The popular rookie group, B.A.P., just released their music video for ‘One Shot’. ‘One Shot’ is produced by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, who have previously worked on the songs “Power” and “Warrior”.

B.A.P. has quickly changed their image from ‘Rain Sound’ to ‘One Shot’; in ‘Rain Sound’ the boys were heartbroken and full of sadness by in ‘One Shot’ they emulate cool, sophistication and confidence. The music video is said to have cost about 1 billion dollars or 915,000 USD.

Many fans have commented “Wow! One Shot is awesome!”, “Thank you, B.A.P.” and “I’m spazzing so much right now!”

Tell us what you think and check out the music video below!




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