B.A.P Release “One Shot” Teaser MV

B.A.P_one shot group
B.A.P have released all their solo images ahead of their comeback. TS Entertainment have now finally released the music video teaser for “One Shot”.

The previous image teasers showed the B.A.P members posing in an airplane hanger with their “killer transformation” theme. Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Zelo and Jongup feature in gang scene plotting revenger after their are attacked by a rival gang.

B.A.P are due to release their mini-album, but to tease fans the boys have released the music video to go with “Rain Sound”.

The tracklist for the album consists of five tracks; “Punch”, “One Shot,” “Rain Sound,” “Coma,” and “0 (ZERO).”

“One Shot” will be the first release in 2013 for B.A.P as they celebrate their one year anniversary as a group.


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