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  1. I really like B.A.P. because they are so cool!!!! I am so addicted to WARRIOR and I really like their style… They are only rookies, but they managed to make people love them from their first debut~~ I find them so special and I totally support them :D Plus I love their rapping xD SO AWESOME….
    If I were a reporter I really want to know what their bunny logo and the bunny in their music video means :D I can’t wait to see more from them.. BIG FAN ^^

  2. 1. I really like B.A.P. because I love how different their music is compared to a lot of stuff which is out at the moment which all sounds the same. I also love their adorable dorky personalities.

    2. Who is the best at speaking English?

  3. 1.) I love B.A.P because all the members are special and unique while at the same time being team players and trying to help each other to reach their goals. ^^ I can’t even pick a bias because all the members are too wonderful >_<. I love their personalities and their music style. They are all hardworking and modest!
    2.) I was wondering if the members had any special talent or hobby outside of singing and dancing (like impressions, knitting, language sk;ills, etc.). ^^

  4. 1) I really love B.A.P because of their uniqueness of their style, choreographer and the special in personality that they have despite their same hair colour that could be confusing still they manage to bring the specialty and different identity that capture the kpop fans heart. For sure this new rookie group will make a big worldwide hit parallel with their group slogan that is conquering the world with their music.
    2) I was wondering that during the ‘Ta-dah Its B.A.P’ program Dae Hyun was the one that have the less script and popular with ‘No Comment” and he even wore the face mask. Is he be assigned to do so or he is like that? And ever B.A.P members used ‘banmal’ towards Yong Guk and Him Chan?(just out of curiosity)

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