Ailee to Make US Debut, YMC Reveals

Following Ailee’s recent comeback with 3rd mini album ‘Magazine’ and promoting fiesty track ‘Don’t Touch Me’, it has come to light that the vocal diva dubbed ‘Korea’s Beyonce’ has been preparing for her US debut since 2013, and it seems it will be a notable debut with Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment, revealing that she has “been continuously preparing with famous producers.”



The agency tweeted the above photo, revealing one of the aforementioned “famous producers” to be Shea Taylor, with an impressive track record of being a producer of Roc Nation, owned by artist Jay-Z, and working with the likes of Beyonce, Neyo, Rihanna and Chris Brown. The photo shows Ailee and Shea Taylor, both with pleased expressions, standing closely together in the studio.


YMC Entertainment also stated “the producers we’ve worked with are very optimistic about Ailee’s US advancement, and would like to proceed right away, but as it is a very large and difficult market, we are being very careful.”


Whilst the precise timing of Ailee’s US debut is unclear right now, it is definitely something to look forward to!


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