After School’s Kahi To Graduate And Pursue Solo Activities This September

It has been revealed that After School’s leader Kahi will be ‘graduating’ from the band in September, to pursue solo activities and an acting career.

Following two statements from Pledis in 30 minutes, there was much confusion amongst both the media and After School’s fandom, ‘Playgirlz’. At first, it was believed that Kahi would simply be going solo, and not leaving the group. However, shortly afterwards, Pledis realised that there had been a miscommunication and that Kahi would indeed be ‘graduating’.

Kahi will be participating in After School’s Encore concert in Tokyo on June 17th, and finish up promotional activities in Japan before debuting as an official solo artist.

As After School’s Japanese tour concert will be her last as a group member, Kahi plans to hold special solo performances during the encore concert as a way to thank fans. Kahi stated:

“To all the After School fans who have given so much love and to my members who have cried, laughed, and suffered with me since we debuted, I thank you all so much. I’ll try my best so that you can see a new side of Kahi.”


The news has recieved mixed reactions from netizens, with some happy for Kahi and others devastated that she is graduating. Playgirlz have also been speculating about who will take over as leader, with Jungah being most people’s prediction. Comments included “She is the glue that holds After School together”, “I’m going to miss her so much!” and “We wish her the best for her solo activities, fighting!”

In related news, After School will be making a comeback on June 21st, with new member Gaeun debuting as an official member.

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