AB Entertainment Produces New Girl Group EXID

AB Entertainment Girl Group EXID
AB Entertainment have revealed posters for their new girl group EXID by placing them up on streets on Seoul.

The new teaser posters have been up since February 3 and have attracted a lot of attention. EXID has been produced by Shinsadong Horaengi.

People are beginning to get very curious around the identity of the girls, as the posters are only silhouettes with the phrase, “Whoz that girl?”

AB Entertainment says, “EXID have chosen a guerrilla teaser poster to meet the public before their debut. We’re very surprised that many people are showing interest in the poster. EXID are trying their best now to have a satisfying debut performance. Please look forward to it.”

EXID are expect to debut on February 16 with “Whoz that girl”, from their debut album HOLLA.


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