A-JAX Insane MV Featuring Rainbow’s Jaekyung and Hyunyoung


A-JAX’s new music video teaser for “Insane” has been releasing featuring Rainbow’s Jaekyung and Hyunyoung dressed up as sexy nurses.

The rookie boy group will make their comeback with “Insane”, their second mini album. The title track for the new album will be “Insane” with the music video teaser for the same track.

Rainbow's Jaekyung and Hyunyoung

In the short teaser we see A-JAX’s Seungyub in a hospital bed being hypnotised by Rainbow’s Jaekyung and Hyunyoung. The clip also gives a brief shot of the other A-JAX members but does not focus on them.

A-JAX will be joining the mass of other groups and solo singers making their comeback in July. “Insane” is due to be released on July 11.


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