4Minute’s Hyun Ah in a friendly pose with B2ST’s Hyun Seung


4Minute’s Hyun Ah and B2ST’s Hyun Seung recently captured much attention by doing a photo shoot together.

The pictorial of Hyun Ah and Hyun Seung was recently released in the hallyu magazine KBS Kwave. In the pictorial, Hyun Ah and Hyun Seung  were seen as if they have just fallen in love.

They’re capture the attention of people with their natural pose. Hyun Ah is seen to be brightly smiling in Hyun Seung’s arms while Hyun Seung is showing off a manly look with his charismatic eyes.

The pictorial can be seen in the February issue of KBS Kwave.

KBS Kwave is a hallyu magazine published by KBS Global Hallyu Bureau and K Culture in 140 countries.

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