4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon: “I don’t think of B2ST that way”


Heo Ga Yoon, a member of 4minute’s unit group 2Yoon, is drawing many attention with her honest opinion on labelmates B2ST.

2Yoon, Baek Ji Young, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea recently appeared on the February 4 episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 and showed off their great sense of humor.

When the MC, Tak Jae Hoon said that B2ST’s Yoon Doo Jun pointed out Heo Ga Yoon, who he wants to date with, Heo said, “That’s because I’m an easy target. I think he chose me because we are close friends.”

When she was asked if she had ever had feelings for Yoon as a man, she said, “I don’t think of him that way because I found out everything about him when we were trainees. She denied the rumors that she is dating B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop and said that the rumor is false and they are just friends.

Heo also capture much of attention by talking about her first love, whom she met when she was still a trainee.

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