4Minute Turns Up The Volume on ‘Music Bank’ followed by Controversy


Today 4Minute made their awaited comeback with the performance of ‘Volume Up’ after teasing their fans for weeks with photos and mini promotional videos of their lastest track.

4Minute and Cube Entertainment raised the bar with their efforts and finance as they spent $132,500 USD on the set which would be expected from Hollywood movies rather than the Hallyu Stars.

4Minute also gave their fans another treat by performing ‘Dream Racer’ prior to ‘Volume Up’.

However, controversy arose from the performance of Hyuna in particular because she seemed to put on a lack lustre performance, unusual of her in fact! One would be forgiven for mistaking her as only a back up dancer to the other 4 members consisting of Ga-Yoon, Ji-Yoon, So-Hyun, Ji-Hyun. Netizens commented that ‘I like Hyuna, but I think this was unprofessional of her’, however there we comments defending her such as ‘It doesn’t matter if they’re lip-synching’ and ‘Give her break, the girls are probably tired and overworked. Didn’t you see the selcas hyuna uploaded a few days ago?’.

It’s just best to enjoy the performance in my opinion, the videos are below, so enjoy!



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