4Minute Jiyoon will show her skill in English and Composing

Recently, Jeon Jiyoon has been carrying an English textbook in her bag to study English. Due to 4minute’s frequent overseas promotions, the members have realized the necessity of studying languages.

Although the other members are studying Chinese and Japanese, Jiyoon chooses to study English instead. “I want to be able to converse freely in English,” Jiyoon said with a smile.

The other members flattering Jiyoon with encouraging words: “Jiyoon is diligently studying English studies as if it were a second nature. She’ll be able to show off the fruits of her studies soon.”

Jeon Jiyoon revealed, “In South America, making an OK sign is considered rude and in Japan, holding up 4 fingers is taboo. However, I didn’t know these traditions and have made these mistakes before. Since we actively perform overseas, I realized that we should not only learn other languages, but also undoubtedly learn their cultures as well.”

Jiyoon is also in the process of composing songs. When asked when her compositions will be heard, she answered, “Wait for me. I hope that my songs will be revealed in the future. Rather than making sloppy compositions, I want to create something that is enjoyable. I hope that you will patiently anticipate my songs.”

Recently, 4minute is preparing for overseas activities after concluding promotions for their latest mini album, Volume Up.

Source: Nate


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