2PM and 2AM’s collaboration single “One Day” will be released in July

2PM and 2AM’s documentary film, “Beyond the OneDay – Story of 2PM & 2AM”, is set to be released in Japan on June 30. The groups will released the theme song for the film, “One Day”, on July 4th.

“One Day” will slowly draw the viewer nicely into the film with a progressive melody. The single will also include a song composed by 2PM’s Junsu, “No Goodbyes”. The groups will do solo photoshoots for a special Limited First Press Edition of the CD.

The tracklist for the single will be:

1. “One Day”
2. “No Goodbyes”
3. “One Day” (Inst.)
4. “No Goodbyes” (Inst.)

The packages will come in three versions; Limited First Press Edition, Limited First Press Edition Versions B to K (10 versions for each member) and a Normal Edition CD which will include a live bonus track.


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