2NE1’s Third Anniversary

2NE1 made their debut with digital single ‘Lollipop’, which also featured labelmate group Big Bang. Since then, the four member girl group have attracted many fans with their unique style and fierce talents, winning awards both domestically and internationally, stealing the hearts of the world. Now, it’s time to celebrate the girls’ 3rd anniversary as 2NE1.

The group celebrated their anniversary with a delicious looking cake and special initial necklaces.

As well as celebrations, the girls are also recruiting the ‘3rd class’ for their official fanbase, Blackjack. For this purpose, they uploaded special videos onto their official YouTube channel.


CL of 2NE1 – What Does Blackjack Mean To CL?

 “Blackjacks are like my family and friends… Or maybe another me. They wrote letters for me for our 3rd anniversary and expressed their love and feelings for me. I’m not the type to cry, but I couldn’t but cry alone as I read the letters. I realised that I should love myself more so that the fans would also do so. So yeah, the fans are like another me. When I forgot something, the fans always remind me, so I’m always grateful. Please continue supporting in the future.”

Dara of 2NE1 – What I Want To Do..?


“There are tonnes of things I want to do with Blackjacks for our anniversary. All the things we couldn’t do so far, like fanmeetings, but I also want to do things we had fun doing together before, like concerts, goin out together, chatting together, seeing them in person up close, and so much more. But can we do all that? It wouldn’t be fun to answer right now. We’re going to make a single pledge, one of us at a time. This is a secret. I can’t say too much, so… That’s all! Okay!”

Minzy of 2NE1 – Blackjack 3rd!

“Hello! This is 2NE1’s maknae, Minzy. Blackjacks, how are you all doing? I heard that Blackjack is recruiting its third class, you all registered, right? There’s no way you didn’t, right? Eh~ I think some of you haven’t. Well in that case, for those of you that haven’t registered, I’ll tell you when the deadline is. It’s May 25th. Registrations close on May 25th, so I hope many of you will join us for Blackjack’s third class before then. Bye!”

Bom of 2NE1 – It’s A Secret…!

 “Are you filming right now?! You can’t! It’s a secret! It’s a surprise I’m preparing for Blackjack’s third class! It’s a secret! Shhh! You all know you have to hurry and register for the third class, right? Uh… Uhh… This is difficult! This… This position is a little awkward, so…”

Unfortunately, registration for the third class is only for fans who reside in Korea, so international fans can’t sign up! But regardless, we should all continue to love and support 2NE1!


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