2NE1 Release ‘Be Mine’ for ‘Make Thumb Noise’ Project

As you may be aware, if you subscribe to 2NE1 on YouTube, the girls have been regularly posting short video clips and teasers as well as updating there activities to all Black Jacks. If you have missed the videos for whatever reason here is a link . Furthermore, all Blacks Jacks will be looking forward to the upcoming album release which started a while back since they started working with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. So far we’ve heard of the instrumental of ‘Take the World On’ and ‘Love Lasts Forever’, either track will turn you into a fanatic!

One must also compliment Intel for this endorsement as they have found quite the catch in hiring 2NE1 to endorse their latest Ultra Notebook, they first tapped into the K-Pop culture with SNSD and things can only get better working with 2NE1.

After waiting for what seemed quite a while, we can now finally let our ears enjoy the new track and allow our hands to hit the replay button. Enjoy the MV below!

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