2NE1 at World Premiere of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ in Seoul

2NE1 with cast and crew of Spiderman

After already saying that they were huge fans of Spiderman, 2NE1 had the chance the meet the star of the new lead in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

2NE1 were invited to attend the red carpet for the ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ at the Lotte Mall Kimpo Airport Store on June 14. 2NE1 were pictured standing with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, along with Rhys Ifans, and Director Marc Webb.

2NE1 had the opportunity to ask questions about the new movie, the Spiderman cast were also given a quick Korean lesson for the Korea crowd.

CL was unable to attend due to conflicting schedule it is reported.

Sandara being picked up by Spiderman
2NE1 with cast of new Spiderman movie 2012

2NE1 with Spiderman new movie


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