2AM and Yiruma Working Together in the Studio

2am and yiruma 3
Recent photos from 2AM show them meeting with pianist/composer Yiruma for a collaboration track on their upcoming album.

Big Hit Entertainment released a picture of 2AM and Yiruma in the studio together on February 20.

2AM’s Jo Kwon, Jung Jin Woon, and Lim Seulong are sat around a table with Yiruma brainstorming some ideas.
2am and yiruma 2

2AM released their tracklist for their upcoming album unveiling collaboration songs with Epitone Project, Yiruma, and Bang Si Hyuk.

2AM said, “I don’t think we ever felt so calm like this working on our recordings in the past. We are happy about the song. It’s a heartwarming and a heart-stirring song.”

The groups new album “One Spring Day” will be released on March 5.

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