2022 Above Ordinary U.S. Tour Heads to Los Angeles on April 1!

On the heels of their SXSW performance and back-to-back cross-country shows, AOMG‘s Woo, Coogie, sogumm, DeVita, and DJ Wegun are heading to LA for the next leg on their 2022 Above Ordinary tour!

Presented by KOHAI and AOMG, the show will take place at The Vermont Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA this Friday, April 1.

2022 Above Ordinary USA Tour 02

Ticket Information

Tickets to the LA concert are still available for purchase. Grab them while you can here.

Woo first caught the public’s eye when he participated in the 2017 hip-hop talent show, Show Me The Money 6 and placed in the Top 3. The rapper’s 2017 debut single, “We Are (Ft. Gray and Loco)” was a certified all-kill on numerous Korean charts. Later that year, he signed with AOMG and quickly released his first single album, Anxiety. Always pulling inspiration from his real life experiences, Woo released his first studio album, Black Out featuring the pre-released, self-reflective track, “Used To (feat. CIFIKA)” in 2020. In January 2022, Woo released his latest single, “Uniform (feat. pH-1).”

Coogie is the newest recruit under the AOMG label. Like Woo, he garnered public attention after appearing on Show Me The Money 777 and clinching a spot in the Top 12. Since signing with AOMG in January 2022, Coogie released his double-single RE:UP featuring “Good Night (feat. BE’O)” and “Beat ‘Em Up.” Coogie will also be featured in Yugyeom’s upcoming digital single, “Take You Down.”

sogumm first debuted with the multi-lingual, multinational collective Balming Tiger. In 2019, the songstress won first place on AOMG’s hip-hop audition program, Sign Here, and became the second female solo artist to sign to the label. Since then, the songstress lends her voice to Balming Tiger and a diverse range of artists while continuing to pave her solo career and charming the audience with her unique and original vocal tone. Earlier this month, sogumm and fellow singer Keumbee released their collab single, “Salt Rain.

DeVita is South Korean born, Chicago-raised singer-songwriter who coined her stage name after Salvatore Di Vita from the Italian film, Cinema Paradiso, and Evita Pero, Argentina’s former first lady. Her passion for music started from a young age and she began releasing her original music on SoundCloud after high school. She broke out on the public scene after participating on the audition program, K-POP STAR in 2012 and Kollaboration Chicago. After landing collaborations with artists such as Woo, DeVita signed with AOMG in 2020 and released her debut EP Crème in the same year. Since then, she has continued to collaborate with artists such as fellow label-mate Yugyeom. This year, she released her EP, American Gothic with the charming title track, “Bonnie & Clyde.”

DJ Wegun has been heavily involved in the music scene since 2006. With over a decade of experience, DJ Wegun cultivated an impressive reputation in the Korean hip-hop scene as well as being one of the most sought after DJs in South Korea. Since signing with AOMG in 2013, he has continued to produce music for some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Jay Park. Outside of AOMG, he continues his DJ career as part of BACKnFORTH crew, oen of the country’s most distinguished DJ collective.

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