2013 CNBLUE School Project


CNBLUE is a South Korean rockband which debuted under FNC Entertainment has recently took part in helping the children who has suffered with maltrunition and poverty in Burkina Faso. “It is only 5 times a year, these children can eat proper meals” said Mrs Hye-Kyeong Seo. 246 million children are forced to be labourers and 22 thousand of them die at work every year. Jung Yong Hwa has made a decision without hesitation because children will be provided with free meals and as well as learning oporutnities if they build a school. Jung Yong Hwa was thankful and grateful that he was able to help this children in Burkina Faso.

Jung Yonghwa also composed the song in the video, dedicating this song to the children in Burkina Faso. Please watch the video and support CNBLUE’s project. Let’s all help these children and give hope to these children! For more info to support CNBLUE’s project please go to this link http://www.kfhi.or.kr/Support/CampaignView.asp?idx=268

(ENG Version)

(Korean Version)

(Taiwanese Version)


(Credits: CNBLUE official Youtube)

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