‘special furlough’ granted for special soldier Rain

Rain receiving commendation

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) was selected as a special soldier in November at bootcamp and recently received division commander commendation. On top of this he has also earned himself a special furlough for six nights and seven days.

Rain was picked out among the rest of his soldiers for his specialist shooting skills. This has earned him a commendation at the new recruit training graduation.

A special soldier is selected on a certain criteria, that being that he has to do over 72 push-ups and 82 sit-ups for 2 minutes and do 3-kilometer race in 12 and a half seconds. After the physical section he has to prove himself on the shooting range, tasked to shoot bull’s eye nine out of ten times each during the day and night.

His furlough date has not been set for an exact date yet.

Source: Xportsnews


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