Yugyeom Displays His Emotional & Dark Side in Solo Debut

Yugyeom, the maknae and main dancer of global idol group GOT7 (formerly under JYP Entertainment), made his solo debut on June 17 with the EP titled Point of View: U. This marks his first and highly anticipated release under AOMG, the Korean hip-hop label founded by Jay Park (who also founded fellow GOT7 member Jay Bs current agency, H1GHR MUSIC) and is home to prominent artists such as Lee Hi, Loco, GRAY and many more. Since his album’s release, Yugyeom has already sold more than 30,000 copies of his album, reaching #1 on iTunes in 35 different countries.

Solo artist Yugyeom posing for his album jacket photo for his EP album Point Of View: U
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Ahead of his EP’s release, Yugyeom teased his album by dropping the music video to the pre-release single “I Want U Around” featuring labelmate DeVita on June 11. “I Want U Around” is a snare-heavy, R&B song about a borderline obsessive love where you would do anything for the other person. The desperation is conveyed through lyrics like “For you, I would give up mo’ money” and “why do I want somebody who just can’t stay.” The mid-tempo song allows us to focus on the clear vocals of Yugyeom which are complemented by DeVita’s unique tone as they exchange adlibs and harmonies at the climax and conclusion of the song, mirroring the push and pull nature of a relationship.

The music video shows scenes of Yugyeom in a lost and vulnerable state. The video starts off with Yugyeom tied up and bound to a chair before breaking free from his restraints and wandering through the woods. In another scene, he is surrounded by dark hooded figures. He then finds himself still helplessly entrapped at the bottom of a dark pit, illustrating that he is both still enamored and tortured by this love that he desires. Playing the role of his obsessive lover, DeVita appears, wielding a torch as she looms over the hole. Instead of helping him, she tosses the fire into the pit. As a result, Yugeyom is knocked down and DeVIta sets fire to her surroundings. The video closes with Yugyeom lying at the bottom of the pit as he awaits to be crushed by boulders, demonstrating a mutually destructive relationship.

Shortly after the music video’s release, Yugyeom released his EP Point of View: U where he is credited on all seven tracks for the lyrics and music. The album is centered around the bittersweet and overwhelming emotions of loving someone. Some notable features on the album include “All About U” with Loco and “Love the Way” with CEO Jay Park and Punchnello

The music video for title track “All Your Fault” was released the same day featuring yet another labelmate and producer of the track Gray. The song is a blend of pop and R&B about the mixed emotions of rage and yearning one feels after a relationship ends. The music video opens with Yugyeom, bloodied and handcuffed, being driven away in a police car with a dead woman lying on the floor in the background. The already established dark and morbid mood is juxtaposed with the light, bouncy melody that does not quite match the mournful and angry lyrics of “this is all your fault / there’s no way to escape / it’s a waste of time.” 

The video takes us to the events before the accident where we slowly witness Yugyeom’s mental breakdown and inability to cope with his emotions. We see the progression of his destructive behaviors such as drinking while driving, picking a fight on the street, and shooting up the bar where Gray happens to be at. The entire music video sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you sympathize with Yugyeom but also are uncomfortable with his decisions.

The video showcases Yugyeom’s way of coping with the discovery of his lover’s affair. In his anger and rage, Yugyeom kills the girl with his car, taking us back full circle to the beginning of the music video. The raw, emotional acting of Yugyeom paired with the skillful use of non-linear storytelling and beautiful cinematography elevates “All Your Fault” into a league of its own.

Through his solo debut, Yugyeom is making a bold declaration that he is not afraid to be the artist he wants even if it may be shocking or contrary to what others expect of him.

Stream Point of View: U on Spotify and check out the music videos for “I Want U Around (feat. DeVita)” and “All Your Fault (Feat. GRAY)” below!

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