Wheein Embraces Her Unique Colors and Identity in “water color” Solo Comeback

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After teasing fans with snippets of her new music, Mamamoo’s Wheein finally made her long awaited solo comeback with “water color” from her first mini album, Redd

“water color” is a new jack swing track that fuses elements of hip-hop, dance-pop, and R&B to create an addictive, rhythmic performance paired perfectly with Wheein’s rich, smooth vocals. “The title song ‘water color’ captures various lights like a watercolor painting. It sends the message that I will paint my value more strongly with my own distinct color” Wheein told Soompi. Just as one would mixed different bits of colors to produce a more vibrant shade of paint,  “water color” empowers listeners to let go of any self-doubt and happily embrace their own individuality. 

The music video starts off with Wheein dressed in a dazzling blue gown as she arrives fashionably late to a party that has long since ended. From her grand entrance and confident stride past all the strewn bodies of passed out partygoers, she was not about to let the night end on a low note. Her arrival literally breathes new life to the party, awakening the partygoers and kicking off another round of festivities. As the video progresses, she is seen sporting a variety of vibrant outfits as she lives her best life and dance to her heart’s content. The video ends with a transition into an animated scene of her diving into the ocean and coming across a peacock.

Fans (called Moomoos) flocked to Twitter to share their own fan theories behind the symbolism and color theory in he music video. One fan theorized that the ending illustrates Wheein diving into her subconscious and finding “self-confidence” to freely express herself. Check out some of the fan theories below and let us know your thoughts!


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