Wendy’s ‘Like Water’ Solo Debut Tops iTunes Charts in 30 Countries

On Monday, April 5, Red Velvet’s WENDY made her official solo debut with her first mini-album, Like Water.

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Upon release, the album topped the iTunes Top Album charts in over 30 countries such as: Finland, Australia, Norway, Greece, New Zealand, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Philippines, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Qatar, Macau, Bahrain, and Guatemala.

The album carries feelings of comfort and empathy with its double lead tracks, “When The Rain Stops” and “Like Water.” “When the Rain Stops” is described as a slow-tempo ballad that Wendy dedicated to her fans for their unwavering support and love during her long hiatus due to recovering from an injury. “Like Water” is an acoustic ballad that blends Wendy’s pure soft vocals with melodic guitar riffs and delicate strings to create a dreamy, lyrical piece. The song’s comforting lyrics compares love to being “like water” and that people are destined to find each other, like small water drops that gather together to form a sea. 

The entire mini- album consists of five tracks including “Best Friend,” a duet with fellow Red Velvet member Seulgi.

Check out the music video for “Like Water” below:

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