The Rose Surprises Fans with New Single “Beauty and the Beast”

The Rose for their new digital single Beauty and the Beast

After a long two years, The Rose, made up of Woosung, Hajoon, Dojoon, and Jaehyung, finally made their return with the beautiful digital single “Beauty and the Beast.” A play on the classic tale, the band incorporates their signature full-bodied vocals and powerful instruments to discuss the meaning of true love and its ability to take on many forms. 

The song begins with an impactful electric guitar and drums to set the introspective atmosphere. The lyrics “It couldn’t happen / The love story between you and me / Like beauty and the beat / People’s perspective / Look at us and shake your head,” explains the idea that as long as the love makes sense to those involved, outside opinions and perceptions don’t matter. Further touching on the idea of love and its impact, The Rose elaborates on the concept of love transforming everyday life into something beautiful and unfamiliar with, “The scenery I saw every day/ It’s new when I’m with you/ Like beauty and the beast/ Mysterious emotions/ It’s just different from others.” The implementation of vocal harmonies and full-bodied instrumentals creates an emotionally overwhelming ambience that magnifies the message of love and hope.

The track is accompanied by a complex music video following three stories that take different perspectives on what it means to love. The use of lighting throughout the video represents a variety of emotions and experiences that lead to fulfillment. Beginning with a dreary, dim-lit environment, a melancholy tone supports the somber plot lines of an elderly man painting a life-like doll wishing he was real, a man who cuts out his own wings, and finally two people locked up in adjacent cells. Just as all hope seems to be lost and emotions rush in, a shining glimmer of light finds each of the stories, casting a magic spell changing the trajectory of their paths. For the elderly man, his crafted doll suddenly comes to life, the beaten down angel finds solace and companionship in a female figure, and somehow the walls separating the two prisoners disappear allowing them to be together.

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From there, each of the characters follow down a dangerous, dark path representing the hardships faced through everyday life. Making their way through the path does not come without difficulty, and success becomes possible only by helping each other along the way. While each of these stories cast shadowy, dark auras in the beginning, they each go through a unique metamorphosis to show that in the end love of all kinds prevails and hope lies within even the most troubling trials of everyday life.

“Beauty and the Beast” marks the last track in production prior to the three members, Hajoon, Dojoon, and Jaehyung’s mandatory military service. Additionally, the release signifies the group’s official separation from their previous label, J&Star Company. With all three of the currently enlisted members scheduled for discharge this year, fans can expect a colossal comeback from this incredibly talented group. 

Make sure to stream “Beauty and the Beast” on all streaming platforms and check out the music video linked below!

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