SHAUN Releases MV Teasers for “BLUE (feat. Wonstein)” and “Closed Ending”

DJ, producer, singer-songwriter SHAUN unveiled the music video teasers for his upcoming joint singles, “BLUE (feat. Wonstein)” and “Closed Ending’ from his upcoming album, #0055b7.

In the “BLUE” music video, a toy-sized SHAUN is shown being kept inside a blue box by a woman. Rapper Wonstein is also shown driving down the highway in a blue van filled with boxes, seemingly looking for a box that he may have misdelivered.

In the “Closed Ending” clip, a young woman with a fascination for outer space is shown against a wall of photos of planets, fiddling with a radio machine, and even prancing in glee with an unknown lifeform in the midst of a meteor shower. During this peculiar event, she stumbles upon her washing machine that’s emitting a red, ominous glow and (naturally) decides to go in and investigate. 

#0055b7 will be released on Sunday, May 9 at 6PM (KST) in conjunction with a live mini showcase airing on SHAUN’s official Youtube channel.

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