Seori Releases Second Single “Lovers in the night”

R&B/Soul singer Seori is back with her second single, “Lovers in the night”!

“Lovers in the night” is an all-English R&B track that plays on the excitement and uncertainty of new love and being honest with one’s feelings. 

The music video features Seori enjoying a night out on the town along with clips of different couples giving into their desires and kissing each other. The video received praise for its inclusion of same-sex couples, illustrating that love knows no bounds. One Youtube comment stated, “It’s an art, a hug from a loved one. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve ever need.” 

The outfits that Seori wears in the music video are from Bitspaus, an independent fashion brand that stems from Seori’s music label, ATISPAUS. The limited edition outfits are available for purchase directly from Bitspaus’ website until Wednesday, April 17.

About Seori

Taking influence from artists such as Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and G-Dragon, Seori began songwriting at 16 years old. She started garnering attention in 2019 when she began uploading song covers on her Youtube channel and her distinct vocal tone caught the ears of many listeners. Her cover of ABIR’s “Tango” is her most viewed cover to date with over 4.2 million views. After establishing a fan following, Seori released her first EP ?depacse ohw in May 2020. She participated in writing and composing all the tracks in the album. In September 2020, Seori collaborated with Eaj (DAY6’s Jae) on their track “It just is” featuring keshi’s Strat. In December 2020, she released her music video for her first single, “Trigger,” which was inspired by on Atispaus’ visual novel.

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