P1Harmony’s Star Power Glows on First Full-Length Album ‘Killin’ It’

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With each project, P1Harmony treats listeners with seamless harmonies, dynamic production, and enticing pop, hip-hop, and R&B to suit each member’s voice and musical taste. After over three years together, Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob incorporate these factors and present new sides of themselves with their first full-length album, Killin’ It. 

Before Killin’ It, the group crafted six mini albums, with the first three making up the Disharmony series and the latest three comprising their Harmony series. Not only has P1Harmony composed six eclectic mini albums, but they have given fans stand-alone singles too, with their most recent one, “Fall In Love Again,” released last November. “Fall In Love Again” awarded the group another milestone, hitting No. 24 on Top 40 radio in the United States.

Killin’ It continues exhibiting the group’s versatility, containing ten songs of various styles that Keeho, Jiung, Intak, Jongseob, and other contributors helped write and compose. Through these ten tracks, they created songs to suit all listeners, exhibiting confidence in grandiose ones with energetic production and melting hearts on affectionate love songs.

The album kicks into full gear with its title track, “Killin’ It.” Adding another infectious, dance-worthy title track to their discography, this addictive horn and synth-infused track combines pop with hip-hop, displaying the members in their element. They use this introductory song to proudly bask in their accomplishments as artists, reflecting on the past and stamping themselves as bosses.  “No matter what anyone says, Swaggy, my different hue / I’m the boss. I’m the man / I’m a super super super / I’m a superstar, already know that,” P1Harmony sings. Its powerful chorus and the tempo’s reduction in the bridge are noteworthy points, emphasizing their consistent ability to create anthems and cater to the synchronicity of P1Harmony’s vocalists and rappers.

The eye-catching music video for “Killin’ It” is next-level amazing. It is extremely vibrant and entertaining, as the members hit every mark of their fascinating choreography perfectly and look like rockstars in their different outfits. While the credits roll, the atmosphere of the video becomes tense as P1Harmony receives questions at a press conference. This hint leaves the viewer wondering what else P1Harmony has up their sleeves.

Late Night Calls” is undoubtedly a standout on the album, with subtle production and traces of Afropop throughout. The members became vulnerable, expressing their feelings through heartfelt lyrics and passionate delivery. The beautiful entrance includes stunning guitar riffs, ad-libs, and light beats prior to the entrance of Keeho’s smooth vocals gliding over the instrumentation. The men warmly describe a dreamy love, begging their lovers not to leave.

True to its name, Everybody Clap” is an upbeat song listeners can clap along to. A hip-hop and pop track loaded with heavy electric guitar, drums, and claps, the members encourage everyone to have fun with them. An unexpected yet pleasant additive is the vocal harmonies in the pre-chorus, leading listeners into a lively, chant-filled chorus.

After bringing in the album with high energy, P1Harmony switches the pace with a captivating pop ballad, “Love Story.” Circling back to the theme of love, P1Harmony sings about the realization of falling in love for the first time.

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An appropriate segue, “Countdown to Love lyrically expands on the tale of “Love Story” as the members express enthusiasm about love prevailing. Evenly distributing a fusion of pop, hip-hop, and rock, P1Harmony proves their creativity spans wide. While the chorus of “Countdown to Love” pulls on the pop portion of this genre trio, the verses lean into hip-hop and rock. A key factor to note is how rappers Intak and Jongseob impeccably executed their verses, adapting their flows to the different production changes.

A subtle callback to their debut single, “Siren,” the album progresses with “Emergency,” which appropriately starts with the roar of sirens and incorporates siren sounds throughout. An urgent call for change, “Emergency” sonically serves as both a nod to their start as a group and an ode to old-school hip-hop, while still incorporating modern sounds true to P1Harmony. 

Aided by an intoxicating bass instrumental, P1Harmony gives listeners retro-pop and R&B with “2Nite.” P1Harmony wants to escape reality and party the night away, hoping others will join in their escapades. 

One of the album’s most unique songs, “Let Me Love You exhibits the group utilizing new vocal techniques. P1Harmony gives their signature seamless harmonies on this funky pop song and experiments with reverb, particularly on the chorus. “Let Me Love You” serves as a comfort blanket to those special in their lives as the men affirm they will always be there for those they love.

Cr. FNC Entertainment

P1Harmony asserts their star power on “Street Star,” a hard-hitting hip-hop track with extravagant production and some 90s hip-hop influence. “Street Star” describes the exhilarating rush P1Harmony gets when they perform for their fans, P1ece. Performing in front of P1ece visually represents that their dreams have come to fruition.

Concluding the album with a sentimental dedication to P1ece, “I See U” provides listeners with an easy-listening, piano-driven pop song about how the love and support they receive from P1ece has transformed their lives. They deeply cherish P1ece and want to hold onto their love forever.

As another exciting gift for P1ece, they will be putting on an unforgettable performance at The Governors Ball in New York City on Saturday, June 8. Additionally, fans should look forward to more performances from the group this year, with tour dates to come soon.

Killin’ It demonstrates that P1Harmony is in a lane of their own, constantly evolving and introducing fans to more layers of their impeccable artistry with every project.

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