Monsta X Become “Love Killas” with Release of 3rd Full-Length Album ‘Fatal Love’


Monsta X have officially released their 3rd full-length album, Fatal Love. Accompanying this release is the music video for title track, “Love Killa.” While still showcasing their signature style, Monsta X has reinterpreted and expanded their musical approach throughout this album. Bringing their talents to the next level, their story, which has been condensed over the past six years, is meant to give you a feeling of thrill as if you’re solving a mystery. While the past albums mainly drew keywords of empathy and consolation, this album is going to show the deadly temptation of a man; along with a thriller movie-esque storyline.

“Love Killa” conveys the strong desire and temptation over a loved one, to the extent that they would give up everything to get one’s love. In the music video, the members turn into six cruel and beautiful “Love Killa’s,” looking to steal your attention. The visuals reinterpret killer characters in a movie, as Monsta X’s own mise-en-scene, and shows off aspects of love such as addiction, love, and deviation through its image of light and darkness.

Consisting of ten tracks, the members have expanded their musical territory by participating in composing, producing, and songwriting; showcasing the musical growth of Monsta X as a whole. Ranging from R&B, Latin-infused Pop, Hip-Hop, Future Bass, EDM, Pop, Swedish, American and South-American music styles; there’s a song for everyone on this album. Rapper Joohoney self-composed tracks “BEASTMODE” and “Stand Together,” while Rapper I.M self-composed the track “NIGHT VIEW.” They both also took part in the writing process for seven of the ten tracks. Hyungwon, who is also active as DJ H.ONE, participated in producing the lyrics and composing for the first time since his debut on the track “NOBODY ELSE.”

Korean solo-artist, Eric Nam, joined forces with Joohoney and I.M for the songwriting and composing of track number six, “BEASTMODE.” With lyrics such as “Let’s all be in a ‘BEAST MODE’ to fight back from this harsh world. Let’s bring out our instinct and let’s not give up,” this song is meant to encourage listeners to fight back from this harsh world. It’s a message of hope and passion for the ones who are living a passive life, without any passion or willingness. The members also wanted to deliver a specific message to their fans, MONBEBE, that they’ve been doing well and will never give up on their dreams. Let’s turn on the “BEAST MODE” to achieve all the things we’ve been fighting for. “The track was made with the thought that it’s time for us to give away the positive energy and to make them feel proud” Joohoney states.

Check out the music video for ‘Love Killa” below!

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