Min Delivers Wistful Vocals on Latest Digital Single “Hit Me Up”

K-pop veteran singer, songwriter, and dancer Min dropped her highly anticipated 2022 digital single “Hit Me Up” featuring H1GHR MUSIC RECORDSJMIN via Warner Music Korea on April 18. The sentimental and groovy R&B tune produced and co-written by Min, JMIN, leanon, and Xitsuh is a reflection of Min’s longtime love of musical collaboration. Before “Hit Me Up” dropped, the playful creator teased fans, and the internet, with hints of her new collaborative “single” with a social media teaser post of her polished left-hand fingers sporting a blinging diamond ring with the caption, “싱글? Single?” Savvy fans quickly deduced there would be new music in their future and were not disappointed with the groovy bop.

The digital single tells the story of a woman waiting for a special someone to call. Both the track and music video are understated but impactful in their creation of this wistful, hopeful world. With a snap track and synth harp sounds laying down a groove, Min delivers a light, airy, and downright dreamy vocal line that contrasts with her anticipation and impatience for her guy to call, “You know I can’t wait and wait no more / Hit me on my phone.” In reflection of the musical mood, the music video is painted with neutral tones as a cutely-dressed Min in a pale sweater and skirt combination hovers around a landline telephone. As she roams from sofa to chair to floor, waiting for a call that isn’t coming, she plays with a yellow rose, infamous for indicating friendship.

The pulsing beat continues to provide a thread of hope despite her defeated expression, the contrast reflecting her inner struggle. Further playing on Min’s flagging hope are the lyrics, “이런 날 더 울리지는 마” (Don’t make me cry any more on days like this), accompanied by raindrops sliding down the window.

When JMIN enters with his melodic rap and verse promising to roll up in his Benz and pick her up, the music video turns shadowy and dark, with crackling edges that indicate an old memory – or, more likely, a promise unfulfilled. As he slickly glides through his verse, she sits in darkness while the repeated words “Hit Me Up” cast shadows on her form. Her hopes and his promises do not line up. As his verse ends, she sings an effortless vocal run, imploring him to hit her up as the music video turns from color to black and white. When the color snaps back, the yellow flower is wilted with petals on the ground lying beside the phone that is off its hook. She walks away as the snap track and beat starkly disappear, leaving the now melancholy-sounding harp chords bidding her farewell.

Cr. Warner Music Korea

Together, the track and video tell a wistful story of promises yet to be fulfilled. But Min is an artist who keeps her promises and dreams alive. In her earliest days as a girl group member, she displayed her hearty vocal sound and flexible dance style. The more recent solo release was an expression of her playful, mischievous side and brighter vocal tones while this April release shows off her emotive side, breathy vocal capabilities, and songwriting skills. Although her career has been long, “Hit Me Up” feels like just the beginning.

Join Min and her guest JMIN in this wistful world on Youtube, Spotify, or on a streaming platform of your choice.

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