LUMINOUS Wants You to ‘RUN’ After Your Dreams

After nearly a year in the making, rookie group LUMINOUS made their triumphant debut with the release of their reflective debut EP, YOUTH

LUMINOUS is a four-piece group hailing from BarunsonWIP Company. Just as light cannot exist without darkness, members Young Bin (Leader, Lead Vocalist/Dancer), Suil (Rapper/Sub-Vocalist/Dancer), Steven (Sub-Vocalist/Rapper), and Woo Bin (Main Vocalist) hope to illuminate people’s lives with their positive influence and music. 

Consisting of five tracks, including the title track “RUN” and solemn ballad “Home Alone,” YOUTH showcases the obstacles and beauty of youth. The group’s message is specifically aimed at teens and young adults who have come to rely on social media to maintain some sense of connection and normalcy in the current COVID-19 climate. The mini-album also serves as the first chapter of The LUMINOUS SERIES which will continue to explore those confusing, emotional times that face today’s young generation.

RUN” is a hip-hop dance track that sings of the struggles that youth face as they mature and learn to embrace their own identities. “So many things to do, don’t have my own world / I don’t even know what I want except / Singing songs and dancing every day” and “So much pressure, don’t know what to do /  I hate my own reflection in the mirror.” As the song progresses, the members shake off their self-doubts and tribulations and run full speed towards their dreams.  “Oh, the road I walk / I’m not sure if it’s right / No one understands / Even though my thoughts or choices may change / I’m gonna do what I want.” 

Along with the release of their first EP, LUMINOUS released the official music video for “RUN” where their impressive choreography took center stage. One of the sets for the dance sequence was shot in a studio illuminated by stage lights and chandeliers, creating a beautiful cinematic scene that contrasted well against the group’s dark attire. The dance’s energy perfectly supported the song’s rhythmic melodies and not only showed each member’s dance capabilities but also perfectly utilized the backup dancers for a satisfying cohesive performance. In less than 24 hours, the music video clocked in an impressive one million views on the group’s official Youtube channel. (Update: As of September 21, the music video has accumulated seven million views).


In their “LUMINOUS DEBUT D-2, LUMINOUS NOW?” video on their Youtube Channel, LUMINOUS members Young Bin, Suil, Steven, and Woo Bin were challenged to draw an image that best represents the album. Woobin portrayed the members on a gloomy beach, with slivers of sunshine shining through the dark clouds. Young Bin drew a man agonizing over which of several paths he should take. Meanwhile Steven illustrated a man surrounded by several motifs – a snake from Adam & Eve against a crowd of scrutinizing individuals; a traffic light with all the lights on; and a stop sign that reads “Go!” Lastly, Suil drew a dark cave with a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Whether you’re deciding on a university, choosing a career path, or even switching majors, we all come to a point in our lives where we wonder, “what am I supposed to do next?” Through the album, LUMINOUS emphasizes listeners’ worries and comforts them with the fact that positive things will soon come.

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