lilli llilli Wants to See Your “Barcode” in Stellar Debut

Grita and Luce behind the scenes of illi illi's debut music video for "Barcode"
illi illi’s Grita and Luce

On November 11, duo lilli lilli broke onto the Hallyu scene with their debut song “Barcode.” The new group, under the Entertainment Han agency, brings a super addictive sound with a bright music video to the K-Pop world. lilli lilli, made up of members Luce and Grita, are the newest duo to keep an eye on. The official logo for the group, as well as the group’s name, resemble that of a barcode-like design.

Strong girl-crush vibes mixed with a cutesy girl group concept makes “Barcode” a great contender to be the next big hit. Both members exude confidence with powerful belting vocals, dance moves that showcase attention to detail and a punk-like schoolgirl style. Boasting an upbeat, catchy sound that does not come off too strong, the song instead leans more towards the cute and fun side of the members’ personalities. Both Luce and Grita participated in the writing of this song, a feat uncommon for a newly debuted group but serves as a perfect introduction to their sound and style. Starting off with a bang, a whistle at the beginning of the track calls for attention. “Barcode” has a funky guitar sound and relies heavily on percussion, making the song an instant hit. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has a not-so-secret admirer. Straightforward and unapologetically themselves, the duo notices the man is too shy and encourages him to reveal his true feelings as they sing, “Come on and show me your code.”

lilli lilli has been creating buzz on sites like Reddit where fans have been actively sharing their reactions to their debut. Reddit user Jacskonleewalk3r writes, “Wow this is really good. It has a bluesy R&B sound, which doesn’t happen too often in Kpop. The song is well written, and congrats to the duo for being credited as the first songwriters. Their vocals are also very good, above average by Kpop standards.” User Inquit said it best, “This debut really shouldn’t go unnoticed; this exceeded all my expectations! A duo is so refreshing and luce and grita definitely have the talent to pull it off, can’t wait to see what they do in the future.” 

Luce may look familiar to some K-Pop fans. The main vocalist and dancer of lilli lilli was previously a member of a five-member group P.O.P. Because there have not been any updates since P.O.P’s debut album, it is rumored that the group disbanded. Mysterious Grita is the second member of lilli lilli as not much information has been revealed about the idol just yet. Her position in the group is listed as vocalist, rapper and dancer. 

It is not often that we have a group consisting of only two members make its debut, especially with such a strong track. Please be sure to support lilli lilli in their future promotions, stream their debut single, and check out the music video for “Barcode” below! 

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