LIGHTSUM Wants to Light Up Your Life with New ‘Light A Wish’ Single Album

LIGHTSUM concept photo for their new song, "VIVACE"
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After four months since their stunning debut, Cube Entertainment’s newest girl group, LIGHTSUM, returns with their very first comeback for their single album, Light a Wish.

Consisting of members SANGAH, CHOWON, NAYOUNG, HINA, JUHYEON, YUJEONG, HUIYEON, and JIAN, LIGHTSUM debuted in June 2021 with their single, “Vanilla.” The group broke the record for the highest first-week sales among rookie girl groups in 2021, ranking 8th on the World Digital Sales Chart and selling more than 19,000 copies in two days of the album’s release.

Screenshot from LIGHTSUM's "VIVACE" music video
Screenshot from LIGHTSUM’s “VIVACE” music video.

With their latest album, Light a Wish, LIGHTSUM hopes to not only make their wishes come true, but also fulfill the wishes of their fans. The album boasts a three-song track list that touches on the different forms of light. The title track, “VIVACE,” is a cheery synth-pop track that sings of the exhilarating feeling of falling in love at first sight. An Italian word meaning “to move quickly and lively,” “VIVACE” compares the rush of emotions to being instantly captivated by a beautiful, enchanting song. “A bright world unfolds in front of my eyes / Dance all night again on the beautiful song / Show me your heart, bet your heart / Yes, like that, faster, VIVACE.” The second track, “You, Jam,” is truly a girl crush jam. The electro-punk earworm will turn the world into your personal catwalk with its addictive melodies and attractive harmonies. The third and final song, “Popcorn,” could have easily been a strong contender for this record’s title track. The feel-good track boasts a summery feel with its use of upbeat synths that perfectly support the song’s catchy and cute lyrics, “Gonna pop pop pop like Popcorn.”

Stream Light A Wish on all major platforms and check out the music video for “VIVACE” below!

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