LAY Wants To “Bee With You”

Lay Zhang for his new song Bee With You
Cr. Zhang Yixing Studio

One of Asia’s biggest musical icons, Lay Zhang, recently released a rhythmic and heartwarming single by Zhang Yixing Studio, “Bee With You.” The song pays homage to longtime fans for their unwavering support since his debut in the iconic K-Pop group EXO. Known for blending familiar Chinese instruments and cultural metaphors with the flow of western music, his discography embodies his years of experience to set him apart from the crowd. 

Over the past two years, LAY further added to his impressive repertoire. From collaborating with global stars Steve Aoki and, creating the cross-cultural track “Love You More” that landed the #1 spot on GQ Music China’s chart, to becoming the highest-ranked Mandopop star on the Billboard 200 chart, to standing as the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60 in the United States with his third solo album, NAMANANA, LAY continues to prove his star power as a solo artist. 

Lay Zhang for his new song Bee With You
Cr. Zhang Yixing Studio

Despite the incredible fame and status, LAY refuses to forget those that made it all possible, his fans. On Twitter he announced, “This song is dedicated to my fans. I will be forever grateful for your support. Thank you for everything and I hope we can accompany each other on this journey.” Personally taking part in the writing and composition of “Bee With You,” LAY lays all emotions out on the table to display his endearment and gratitude for those that helped him achieve his current platform. The combination of his signature smooth voice, soothing rhythm, and the implementation of both English and Mandarin lyrics reveals a glimpse of his classic M-Pop sound.

From the first beat, “Bee With You” offers charming instrumentals before transitioning into a hypnotizing and comforting melody. The track’s R&B sound and use of the word “Bee” in the title offers a reminiscing theme to that of the “Honey” era, which also carried a soothing and frolicsome tune.

To fully express his devotion to fans, LAY sings “I have seen a lot of scenery along the way, and you are the most beautiful one, accompanying each other, rushing towards the same direction.” The use of the direct language, “you,” instead of a general statement allows for each fan to undergo a more personal listening experience. He continues on to explain that every moment his fans give to him, he wants to return, “We are running towards each other/ Always got my back/ I am counting on you/ You are my motivation,” and just as fans rely on him, he also relies on them. With every word sung endearingly, the song gently reminds fans of the long journey experienced together while celebrating his success.

This past June, LAY made his much-anticipated return to the group EXO, taking part in their special album “Don’t Fight The Feeling.” His ability to work on a number of projects and release a variety of tracks with EXO and as a solo artist proves his dedication and devotion to fans. With such incredible momentum, we are looking forward to what LAY does next.

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