Kim Min Seok and Sam Ryder Navigate Their Maze of Emotions in “Back in Love” Single

On January 10, Kim Min Seok of MeloMance and British singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation Sam Ryder released their collaboration single, “Back in Love.” The two first collaborated when Sam visited Korea in November 2023 for his Love in Seoul concert. During the show, Min Seok made a surprise appearance and the two performed a live duet of Sam’s iconic hit, “Tiny Riot” and “Back in Love” for the first time.

“Back in Love” is an R&B track centered on the emotional turmoil that comes with heartbreak and the hope that love will return. Min Seok kicks off the song on a low note as he expresses hesitation to move on when everything he does reminds him of a lost love. While his verse adopts a pessimistic tone, Sam’s verse is the turning point in the song as he professes that he is still madly in love with his former lover. His intense confession compares his life to a cloud without a silver lining and his emotions explode as he belts out, “I know it’s dramatic, but I think I’m dying” with all his might. The two join together in perfect harmony in the chorus as they sing a hopeful tune amid frustration, “They say you can’t turn back the clock / Or promise with your fingers crossed / You can’t go where the rainbow stops / But hearts can always mend because.” Their vocals rise to a crescendo on the last line of the chorus before cutting off abruptly, as if realizing that what they want may not be attainable. However, as the song draws to an end, they once again toy with the possibility, “Who says you can’t fall back in love? / That’s why I still believe in us / And no one can stop me from dreaming.”

The dynamic vocals and the vivid, heartfelt lyrics make “Back in Love” a beloved anthem for those grappling with heartbreak. Upon its release, netizens shared their shock at the unexpected collaboration and left praise for both singers’ strong yet balanced vocals that left many with goosebumps. Check out the video and stream the song below:

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