Kim Jae Joong Expresses Gratitude in Heartfelt Pre-Release Single “I AM U”

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Ahead of his highly anticipated 20th-anniversary album, vocal powerhouse Kim Jae Joong dropped his pre-release single, “I AM U.”

The heartfelt single is dedicated to Kim Jae Joong’s beloved fans. The singer-songwriter contributed to the song’s lyrics to properly convey all the fond memories he shared with them throughout his two-decades-long career. Upon the song’s release, fans were surprised and deeply touched to hear that the lyrics referenced countless songs from both his solo work and his time with TVXQ! He seamlessly weaves them all together to create a song that celebrates his and his fans’ shared journey and unwavering bond throughout the years.

The song’s accompanying video offers a glimpse into some of the many cherished moments in Kim Jae Joong’s everyday life, both on and off stage. The video’s POV filming style creates a casual, unscripted feel with candid studio shots and mundane moments as he freely explores new cities before performing on stage for his adoring fans. The video ends with a personal, handwritten message from Kim Jae Joong expressing his utmost gratitude and appreciation for them.

“I AM U” precedes Kim Jae Joong’s full-length 20th-anniversary album, FLOWER GARDEN, which will be released on June 26. Through the album, he hopes to craft a visual and sonic experience that evokes nostalgia and fond memories for all listeners.

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