K-Indie Band OurR Comforts Listeners with “Beyond the Nights” Single

Five months since their last release, K-indie band OurR has returned with their fourth digital single “Beyond the Nights”!

Formed in 2018 by high school friends WeGom (producing/guitar/keys) with Hong Dahye (vocal/guitar) and Park Jinkyu (bass), OurR creates fresh sounds that go beyond musical boundaries. Vocalist Hong Dahye’s distinct vocal tone combined with producer WeGom’s tenacity for various genres and bassist Park Jinkyu’s groovy technique create perfect harmony and give their music a mysterious and dreamy charm. Straightford yet metaphorical, their lyrics make space for open interpretation as opposed to holding a fixed meaning. 

Artwork for OurR new single, "Beyond the Nights"

Following the release of the EP [can’t] earlier this year, OurR’s new single “Beyond the Nights” consists of a total of two songs, “Beyond the Nights” and “Pattern” and features an emotional music video along with colorful artwork. The lyrics of both songs depict the common theme of the ‘night’ but with a contrasting mood.

“While OurR’s previous albums are focused on melancholic lyrics and gradual increase in the intensity of the sound, “Beyond the Nights” expresses the theme of insomnia with a hopeful voice and beautiful melody that is easy on the ear.”

– Happy Robot Records

Composed of dreamy sounds and a simple yet memorable guitar riff, the main track, “Beyond the Nights” expresses an insomniac’s thoughts that come to mind on sleepless nights. It comforts the listener with a dream-like mood and liberating motive of the music video.

While “Beyond the Nights” took a delicate approach to the theme of night, the second track “Pattern” expressed the topic through a different approach. The track features husky vocals and an intensive rock sound that will leave a lasting impression on listeners and set itself apart from the main track.

Being already widely recognized for their breakthrough single “haAakkKKKKK!!!,” along with “MUNG” and “Circle” which was filmed in California, OurR is constantly reaching the global music market by building a solid listener base outside of Korea.

The band has also participated in the 2021 MU:CON Showcase transmitted worldwide earlier this month where they once again proved their musical skills and capacity as a global K-band.

Make sure to stream “Beyond the Nights” on all streaming platforms and check out the music video, below!

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