JONGHAN’s “Early October” Shows Us Nothing Burns Like the Cold

Korean R&B indie artist Jonghan official photo for single "Early October"
Screenshot from “Early October” visualizer

Up-and-coming R&B artist, JONGHAN, recently released his single “Early October.” Only debuting in September with “Sandbag,” the singer-songwriter already shows great promise with his soothing vocals and meaningful lyrics to hold the potential to make a name for himself in the industry.

“Early October” compares a relationship to that of the beginning of October when the seasons just begin to change. There becomes a period of time when the days remain hot, but the nights turn chilly as the darkness slowly starts to creep in. Being able to prepare for the day’s weather becomes an impossible guessing game that no one wins. Just like the season’s temperature, JONGHAN sings of how a relationship that was once consistently warm and easy to predict now stems anxiety and fear of the end. Lyrics such as “Sometimes it blossoms, oh unfamiliar cold wind / And I know it gets me cold / I don’t know when it started to be like this / I can’t stop sniffling,” explains the unexpected coldness and changes in mood to that of the first cold wind of the season, unexpected and overwhelming. 

The use of a light and delicate melody combined with JONGHAN’s mellow, romantic tone amplifies the feeling of wanting another chance, but having to helplessly stand back and watch the end unfold. “Your summer and my autumn / In the meantime, will it be the change of seasons? / A chilly night, still a hot day, we’re like the beginning of October / Our relationship is dry for no reason,” flows out of JONGHAN in a way that creates a feeling of sadness that the connection may be fading, but also conveys an uplifting sense of hope when facing the unknown. Although change can bring worry and melancholy, it also holds the potential to bring new opportunities and beginnings.

“Early October” flawlessly blends feelings of sorrow with that of anticipation and acceptance. The way JONGHAN sings “will it be the change of seasons?” sounds both like a question and a statement as though he meant to answer himself. A smooth and gentle sound creates a sense of comfort as the relationship slips away like the changing seasons. 

Being only months into his career, JONGHAN’s ability to create songs that embody a complex array of emotions foreshadows the bright future ahead of him. We are excited to see what he does next!

Make sure to stream “Early October” on Spotify and YouTube, and follow JONGHAN on Instagram!

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