JAMIE Drops English Single “No Numbers” Featuring H1GHR MUSIC’s JMIN

JAMIE and JMIN for their collab single "No Numbers
Screenshot from “[Official LIVE Clip] JAMIE (제이미) – No Numbers (feat. JMIN)

Commemorating the one year anniversary of her 2020 Korean single, JAMIE released her newest single, “No Numbers (feat. JMIN).” The new release is an English rendition of her 2020 single Numbers (feat. CHANGMO)” and features a new, charismatic rap verse from rising hip-hop artist and H1GHR MUSIC’s newest addition, JMIN

Oozing confidence, sass, and unapologetically honest lyrics, the self-empowering, hip-hop track remains faithful to the original Korean release as it calls out those who measure one’s value based on numbers such as view counts, followers, and chart rankings. Right off the bat, JAMIE shuts down calculative people who measure her success based on view counts. “Tickin’ tickin’ you’re a time out / show me, show me, keep a shut mouth / I don’t wanna do the math / People just give me an all pass.” 

Album art for JAMIE's new single No Numbers
Cr. Warner Music Korea

The chorus remains relatively unchanged, keeping the signature, “So why you talking ’bout your numbers / I don’t give a shh about your numbers.” However, she drives her point home with the addition of the lyrics, “Rich never equaled money.” Regardless of views, streams, and downloads, JAMIE holds more value in her craft, her fans, and her identity, “You gotta know I rely on me.” After departing from JYP Entertainment and signing with Warner Music Korea last year, she changed her stage name from Park Jimin to JAMIE and embarked on this new chapter in her life as her true, authentic self.

Check out the live performance of “No Numbers (feat. JMIN)” below and stream the new single on Spotify! 

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