SUMIN and Zion.T Exhibit Pure Chemistry in “Creamppang” Release and Music Video

Neo-K-Pop queen SUMIN and K-R&B’s juggernaut Zion.T are back to bless our ears with their second collaboration track, “Creamppang.” 

Presented by ESTR, a global original music content platform, “Creamppang” is SUMIN and Zion.T’s second joint project following their 2020 “Dirty Love” release. A creamppang is a popular Korean custard-filled pastry, often sought after for its sweet and addictive flavor. While “Dirty Love” spoke of the varying emotions between lovers, “Creamppang” sings of the witty yet glamorous attitude towards love. Composed and written by SUMIN and co-arranged alongside Zion.T, “Creamppang” incorporates minimalism with a chill and fresh beat. Individually, Zion.T and SUMIN have such distinct vocal styles that make them easily identifiable to even casual K-R&B listeners. But together, the duo creates a new synergy that will leave everyone yearning for them to drop a full album.

Following its release, “Creamppang” was included in Spotify’s trending playlists – “K-Are & Be” and “TRENCHILL K-R&B” – where the duo also became the face of the both playlists’ cover art. With its hip and addictive sound and the duo’s distinct vocal styles that perfectly compliments each other, the song is surely on its way to become the next earworm in K-R&B music scene. 

The duo’s strong synergy is also exhibited in the song’s official music video. Having worked together in the past, the SUMIN and Zion.T ooze perfect chemistry as they portray a quirky couple who are so deep in love, they don’t even seem to mind their less-than favorable accommodations. The couple are shown stumbling upon their messy apartment seemingly in search of something to eat, yet choose to use their one good cucumber to make a cucumber face mask and have a spa day right in the middle of the trash-strewn floor for much needed TLC. In another scene, the couple are shown wearing clean fresh couple outfits as they push aside a mountain of trash in order to take couple photos in front of their mirror. The couple’s loving moments juxtaposed against the hazardous apartment shows that love is all they really need to get by. 

Check out the “Creamppang” music video and stream the song on Spotify below!

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