GreatGuys Spread Message of Hope with “Touch by Touch” Comeback

Cr. GreatGuys(멋진녀석들)-[Touch By Touch] MV ENG ver.

With all the stress and turmoil that ensued last year due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy for one to feel helpless during these times. DNA Entertainment’s GreatGuys hope to change that with the release of “Touch by Touch” from their first special album, AGAIN

AGAIN’s slogan is “WE CAN GO BACK.” According to the album’s official description, it “contains a message of hope with the wishes of the people around the world who want to work, meet, travel, and love again.” The members (Horyeong, Dongin, Haneul, Baekgyeol, Uiyeon, Hwalchan, and Daun) hope to uplift our spirits as we continue to navigate through this global crisis. AGAIN is GreatGuys first release in nine months since their We’re Not Alone_Chapter 2: You & Me mini-album in July. Two members are absent from group promotions due to Jaei being on hiatus for health reasons and Donghwi serving his military service. 

“My heart is lost and this world is in freeze / Touch by touch / My heart is back warm when the spring has come / Heart to heart / Everything’s gonna be alright.So don’t you worry baby. Just a nightmare that shall too pass by.”

– English lyrics from GreatGuys’ “Touch by Touch”

“Touch by Touch” is an upbeat disco track with a strong, rhythmic drum beat and warm vocals. The title track was released in both Korean and English, allowing the members to convey the song’s message to both their domestic and global fans (called GRACE). Dongin, one of the rappers in the group, added his own “touch” to the song by participating in writing and composing its lyrics and melodies. 

In the music video, Horyeong meets a little girl who is wandering alone in a closed theme park. He then gives her headphones so she can find comfort in the music. Upon hearing the music, the little girl is filled with visions of happier times. GreatGuys are shown sporting soft pastel and vibrant patterned suits as they “travel” and dance around different locations. In some clips the group is shown sporting suspenders and newsboy caps as they bring the entire theme park back to life and instill cheerful glee in all of its attendees with the power of their music. The music video was filmed in the luxury resort complex Paradise City in Incheon, South Korea. The carnival scenes were filmed in Paradise City’s Wonderbox, an indoor family entertainment theme park. 

“When all this time pass by then we will / Smile again /  I never wanna go back to that time.”

– English lyrics from GreatGuys’ “Touch by Touch”

During their “Touch by Touch” showcase, the members shed tears as they shared their struggles during the last year. Uiyeon confessed that it was honestly the hardest period for them since debut. He thoughtfully mentioned how fans and those working in the K-Pop industry have been affected the most. With the future uncertain, there were even discussions of disbandment to pursue new career paths. However with words of encouragement from their seniors, the group persevered and poured their energy into this new release. Just as they received strength and comfort, GreatGuys hopes their new song does the same with their fans.

Check out the Korean and English versions of “Touch by Touch” below:

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